01 April, 2014

Beginner's Guide to Mac OS X - Part 3 - Install, Update, and Uninstall Applications

How to install
There are a couple of ways to install applications on a Mac: use the Mac App Store or download programs from the web and then install them.

Install from the Mac App Store
This is the easiest way to install an application on Mac which combines the download and installation into a single step.
Here is how:
     1) Open the Mac App Store by clicking the App Store from the Apple menu:

     2) After opening the App Store, you may browse apps base on: Featured, Top Charts, Categories. Find an app that you want to download and use.

     3) Click on the app's price (it may also say free) then click Buy App for paid app or Install App for free app. If you are installing a paid app, the cost of the app will be charged to your Apple ID bank account.

     4) After installing, apps are automatically installed in the /Application folder

Install from the Web
Download and install a program which you get from a Website can be little more complicated.
Here is how:
     1) By default, Mac OS X only allows users to install apps from verified sources. If the program you downloaded is from unverified source, you have to change the settings in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab, and then select Anywhere under the section named "Allow apps downloaded from:"

     2) After you find an app, download it on your Mac. Usually app developers package their software in Zip files or Disk images (dmg files). If it is a zip file, you only have to double-click on the file and OS X uncompresses it into a new folder. If it is a dmg file, by double clicking, you "mount" the disk image into the machine. Now it will appear as another device under Devices in the Finder. Once you install the app, you can uninstall the .dmg file by clicking the eject button in the Finder and you may also delete the downloaded .dmg file.

     3) You may copy the app to your Applications folder by dragging it to the Applications folder or add the app to the Dock by dragging its icon to Dock.

How to update
To update your apps, you may choose Software Update from the Apple menu OR open the Mac App Store and click "Updates"". You may also change app update settings in System Preferences > App Store.

How to uninstall
Remove apps that you downloaded from the Mac App Store
     Open Launchpad and hold down the app's icon until all the app icons jiggle, and then click the delete button (x). Note that you may re-download your purchased apps by going to Mac App Store > Purchases. You cannot delete built-in apps like Safari, FaceTime, .etc.

Remove apps that you downloaded from the Web
     First, drag the app or folder of programs that you want to uninstall to the Trash. Also note there may be some files (preferences, support,...) left on the hard drive. You may want to remove them also. To do this, search for files with the program's name or developer's name in the "~Library/Preferences/" (user's library); and "/Library/Preferences/" (system-wide), and the "~/Library/Application Support/" and "Library/Application Support/" folders; then move any files you find to the Trash.


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